The Administration for Children and Families presents NRCEC 2024, National Research Conference on Early Childhood. June 24 - 26, 2024 at Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA.
June 24 - 26, 2024

2022 Virtual Poster Galleries

Gallery A
Early Childhood Workforce

Topics include: Well-being and Self-sufficiency; Compensation; In-service and Pre-service Professional Development; Workforce Equity; Recruitment and Retention; and Workforce Supports and Interventions

Gallery B
Early Childhood Policies and Systems

Topics include: Federal, State, and Local Policy; Policy Impacts; System-level Coordination and Collaboration; System-Level Data Integration; System-level Pandemic Impacts or Disruptions; and Federal, State, or Local-level Programs, Services, or Efforts

Gallery C
Children's Outcomes and Development

Topics include: School Readiness; Social-emotional Skills/Challenging Behaviors; Mental Health, STEM Skills, Cognitive Development/Executive Functioning; Language and Literacy Skills; Kindergarten Entry and Transitions; Measurement and Assessment of Children's Outcomes and Development; and Interventions to Support Children's Outcomes and Development

Gallery D
Early Childhood Programming and Service Delivery

Topics include: Quality and Effectiveness; Program Experiences; Improvement Efforts; Implementation; Teaching or Staff Practices; Culturally-responsive Practice; and Assessment and Measurement Approaches

Gallery E
Parents and Families

Topics include: Family Well-being and Self-sufficiency; Parenting and Parent-Child Relationships; Home Visiting; Family Access; Utilization and Participation in Early Childhood Programs; Family Engagement in and Experiences with Early Childhood Programs; and Supports and Interventions for Parents and Families